White Stains remains Aleister Crowley's most infamous work, his attempt at
taking the Satanic/erotic decadencee of Baudelaire and ramping it up to new
extremes of degradation, sexual depravity and demonic frenzy. Revelling in
filth, Crowley includes odes to sodomy, fellatio, cunnilingus, analingus,
rape, lesbianism, impotence, venereal disease, bestiality, sado-masochism,
coprophilia, necrophila, blasphemy and devil-worship in this staggering,
over-the-top compendium of eros and evil. This first US edition of White
Stains also includes Crowley's rare later volume, The Nameless Novel
(1904), a rampant pornographic novella written to stimulate and amuse his
wife. With a new introduction by Crowley scholar D M Mitchell, the book is
a classic document of fin-de-siecle erotica, as well as a unique compendium
of Crowley's most outrageous and notorious literary output. New edition
with new cover. First in a new series, Forbidden Erotic Classics, dedicated
to literary works which were censored, suppressed or even prosecuted upon
their original publication."

Aleister Crowley, D. M. Mitchell—White Stains - And The Nameless Novel

  • 9781902588919