Poetry. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Italian by Luigi Bonaffini,
Barbarba Carle, Ned Condini, Anamaría Crowe Serrano, Michael Palma, Sonia
Raiziss, I. L. Salomon, Gail Segal and John Taylor. Here in one volume is
the lifework of a poet recognized as one of the century's most striking and
uncompromising voices. Represented with complete texts or generous
selections thereof, all carefully edited and revised, are seven collections
of poetry spanning 62 years. Each collection plumbs a different theme to
its depths: the experience of imprisonment, the carnage and madness of war,
the violence of man and beast in nature, the hunger and savagery of sex,
the search for self, the inevitability of destiny and the poet's rejection
and mockery of death. The titles in this bilingual edition are La buia
danza di scorpione / THE SCORPIAN'S DARK DANCE (1947-1951), Sessioni con
l'analista / Sessions with My Analyst (1948-1966), Costellazione anonima /
ANONYMOUS CONSTELLATION (1953-1973), Le viziose avversioni / ADDICTIVE
AVERSIONS (1951-1996), Paradigma / Paradigm (1950-2000), Ultime / The Last
Ones (2000-2005) and Foemina tellus / Foemina Tellus (2005-2009). Purchase
of this book includes a free copy of the sixty-three page booklet, The
Poetry of Alfredo de Palchi: An Interview and Three Essays by Giuseppe
Panella, translated by Jeremy Alden. Both are fine editions and are shrink
wrapped together. "Alfredo de Palchi's energetic lyrical abilities infuse
the whole of PARADIGM, and his poems, gritty and sensuous at the same time,
display themselves as successfully in English as in the original Italian.
Here we find an encompassing emotion 'accelerating thought' and revealing a
voice that is singular, unique. He sees the world closely with genuine
purpose—no posturing here—with a style and engagement that prove him to be
what we find so seldom today: a poet whose mastery derives from the power
and intelligence of his individuality. Rich and complex, de Palchi's poems
are an effortless balance of varied forces; an expression of a superior
imagination that constantly surprises."—Timothy Houghton

Alfredo De Palchi—Paradigm - Selected And New Poems 1947-2009

  • 9780988478718