Member of Parliament, tutor to Oliver Cromwell's ward, satirist and friend
of John Milton, Andrew Marvell was one of the most interesting and
important poets of the seventeenth century. The Complete Poems demonstrates
his unique skill and immense diversity to the full, and includes lyrical
love-poetry, religious works and biting satire. From the passionately
erotic To his Coy Mistress, to the astutely political Cromwellian poems and
the profoundly spiritual On a Drop of Dew, in which he considers the nature
of the soul, these works are masterpieces of clarity and metaphysical
imagery. Eloquent and compelling, they remain among the most vital and
profound works of the era - works by a figure who, in the words of T. S.
Eliot, speaks clearly and unequivocally with the voice of his literary

Andrew Marvell—The Complete Poems

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