"It's most unlucky you've started with one of your bad attacks of
bronchitis before Christmas. How am I going to get you through the winter,
child, if you've begun to take cold already? I'd like to wrap you in
cotton-wool and pack you away in a box to sleep like a dormouse till the
warm weather woke you up! Whinburn certainly doesn't suit you. It may be
bracing, but people with delicate chests can be too much 'braced'
sometimes. Is the poultice too hot? Be a brave girl! Remember, Father said
'the hotter the better!' Bear it as long as you can. Why, there's the bell!
Is it Merle home already? Surely she's early to-day?"Mavis, protesting
against the poultice, looked up eagerly as stamping feet resounded on the
stairs, and her sister, with coat and hat lightly powdered with new-fallen
snow, burst into the room."Hello, Mavis! You've got the best place, in bed!
It's detestable out to-day. The wind's like a knife, and it's beginning to
snow again. Oh, it was cold at school! My fingers were simply frozen. The
end of Miss Donald's nose was quite blue, and her temper was bluer. She
snapped my head off when I asked her a question. We played tig in the gym
at 'break', though, and got warm, but Gertie upset the coal-box and made
such a mess, and Miss Greene scolded ever so, and said we were trampling
coal-dust into the floor, and it would have to be washed again before
dancing lesson. It wasn't really Gertie's fau

Angela Brazil—A Fortunate Term

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