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Each of us has thoughts that are painful at times; sometimes the pain is
sadness, sometimes worry or anger or shame or grief or some feeling that
you don't even have words for. If you are a young person struggling with
your emotions, you do not want to be told that 'everyone feels like that'
or that 'you will grow out of it'. You want to feel that your emotions are
valid and that the person offering help truly understands how painful life
can feel at times. With a strong emphasis on validation and compassion,
Stuff That Sucks encourages you to accept your emotions rather than
struggling against them. It also shows how to reconnect with what is really
important to you, giving you the tools to help clarify your personal values
and take steps towards living a life where those values can guide you in
your day-to-day behaviour.

Ben Sedley—Stuff That Sucks - Accepting What You Can't Change And Committing To

  • 9781472120533
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