"There is something in American poetry that might be called the book of the
small town or, equally, the tale of the good family; or, if you like, the
American Grafitti Suite. Poems that discover life's bonuses in new love,
wise parents, old books, venerable nature, and the mysteries of all that
endures in the face of the viciousness no life escapes--are, well, worth
the wait. That’s how I feel about Paper Anniversary. His poems are full of
the best news, the kind the soul, as W. C. Williams attested, can get
nowhere better than in the life of the lively mind. I think any reader will
find this an auspicious, welcome arrival." --Dave Smith "In his superb
Paper Anniversary, Bobby Rogers is a near mystic of the domestic because
love of family and landscape is connected to the eternal--and if not the
eternal, our longing for love to last. Rogers is a meditative poet, then,
one who knows language and memory are inadequate to hold love in an abiding
present: 'But ownership is the last lie/we tell ourselves--nothing goes
unshared.' So his moving, widely thoughtful, and commodious poems are full
of joy tinged with elegy." --Andrew Hudgins Bobby C. Rogers is professor of
English at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. His poems have appeared
in the Southern Review, the Georgia Review, Image, Shenandoah, Puerto del
Sol, and numerous other magazines. He is the recipient of the Greensboro
Review Literary Prize in Poetry and has twice been nominated for a Pushcart

Bobby C. Rogers—Paper Anniversary

  • 9780822961246