Henry Chinaski, an outcast, a loner and a hopeless drunk, drifts around
America from one dead-end job to another, from one woman to another and
from one bottle to the next. Uncompromising, gritty, hilarious and
confessional in turn, his downward spiral is peppered with black humour.
Factotum follows Charles Bukowski's bestselling Post Office, his highly
autobiographical first novel. Bukowski's Beat Generation writing reflects
his slum upbringing, his succession of menial jobs and his experience of
low life urban America. He died in 1994 and is widely acknowledged as one
of the most distinctive writers of the last fifty years. Neeli Cherkovski
was a close friend of Bukowski and is the author of Hank: The Life of
Charles Bukowski (Random House, 1991)

Charles Bukowski—Factotum

  • 9780753518151