Poetry. A simply and beautifully produced book from Provincetown Arts
Press. Frank Bidart lauds the fact that Matias' struggle to survive and the
search to find manifestation on the page here are one: new, tender, quick.
Fifth Season chronicles a literal struggle to survive, the struggle of a
poet living with AIDS to keep life meaningful. Sunsets, gay bars,
Myambutal, histories both personal and communal, sex and last wills and
testaments coexist in poems that are refuse to look away from the
beautiful, even while the painful insists on being seen as well. Matias'
poems have been anthologized in THINGS SHAPED IN PASSING: MORE POETS FOR
LIFE WRITING FROM THE AIDS PANDEMIC, and he was the recipient of a poetry
fellowship at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown in 1994-95. In his
short time, David measured up to his promise remarkably; this is a rich,
deeply intellligent book, a triumph of art and feeling. (Robert Pinsky).
Matias died in 1996.

David Matias—Fifth Season

  • 9780944854372