While we might think that being a speck on a speck is some mere thing,
Elizabeth Coleman's poems remind us again and again that each being
implicates all others. Here every hip, urban moment is in essential
conversation with the past. With a remarkable eye for the tiniest, most
salient details-the way the polished tip of a blind man's cane recalls a
mother's painted nails and red lipstick-and a rare poetic ear for recalled
and overheard conversation, this poet's newest collection, "The Fifth
Generation," contends with what it means to truly belong, as the concentric
rings of our commingled existence ripple outward. This is a book of the
most tender intimacies, one in which the speaker reminds us that we are not
only members of families but also the bound residents of cities, farms,
cultures, histories, and nations, that each of us must finally see as home
the whole peaceable kingdom. Kathleen Graber

Elizabeth J. Coleman—The Fifth Generation

  • 9781941550984