First published in 2008, the series reflects a selection of great works of
fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by African and African American authors
introduced and annotated by leading scholars and acclaimed writers in new
or updated editions for Penguin Classics. In his series essay, "What Is an
African American Classic?" Gates provides a broader view of the canon of
classics of African American literature available from Penguin Classics and
beyond. Gates writes, "These texts reveal the human universal through the
African American particular: all true art, all classics do this; this is
what 'art' is, a revelation of that which makes each of us sublimely human,
rendered in the minute details of the actions and thoughts and feelings of
a compelling character embedded in a time and place." For more than sixty-
five years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in
the English-speaking world.

Frederick Douglass—The Portable Frederick Douglass

  • 9780143106814