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THE NO.1 BESTSELLER 'Gripping' Guardian 'Powerful' The Times The Republic
of Gilead maintains its repressive grip on power but it is beginning to rot
from within. At this crucial moment, the lives of three radically different
women come together, with potentially explosive results... 'The Testaments
is Atwood at her best . . . To read this book is to feel the world turning'
Anne Enright 'Everything The Handmaid's Tale fans wanted and more. Prepare
to hold your breath throughout, and to cry real tears at the end' Stylist
'Atwood challenges us constantly and poses the question that lies like a
pearl inside the shell of this frighteningly readable novel, Before you
sit in judgement, how would you behave in Gilead?'''Sunday Telegraph

Margaret Atwood—The Testaments - A Novel

  • 9781784708214
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