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Popular myths about happiness directly contribute to our epidemic of
stress, anxiety and depression - and sojme popular remedies are making it
even worse! In his original bestselling self-help book, Dr Russ Harris
revealed how millions of people are unwittingly caught in 'The Happiness
Trap'. He then provided an effective means to escape: ACT (or Acceptance
and Commitment Therapy) based on the principles of mindfulness. Now, in The
Happiness Trap Pocketbook, Dr Harris joins forces with acclaimed
illustrator and self-help author, Bev Aislett, to produce this illustrated,
engaging and genuinely helpful guide to breaking free of 'the happiness
trap' and finding a true sense of wellbeing.

Russ Harris, Bev Aisbett—The Happiness Trap Pocketbook

  • 9781472111821
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