Patience Worth, a disembodied spirit, was God's handmaid here on earth. She
brought spiritual healing to the hearts of all her brothers and sisters who
harkened to her words. Through her conversations, prose, and poetry, she
gave the world many words with which to feast on and grow spiritually. But
her words are not easy to chew and digest; they are not easily assimilated
by our fast-food mentality. As a result, not many of us take the time to
read them. For the few of us who do, her words stir within our hearts a
love of, and for, God. This book presents a selection of writings by
Patience Worth in the format of brief passages. The passages were culled
from previously published and unpublished material. Each passage presents a
particular theme in clearer than usual language (yet, still her own). In
other words, the book presents Worth in manageable, understandable chunks.
Each passage, as a point of meditation, provides a gateway to self-

A Balm For Every III—Patience Worth

  • 9781105506161