A masterful new translation of a haunting novel of nineteenth-century Haiti
A few years after its liberation from harsh French colonial rule in 1803,
Haiti endured a period of great brutality under the reign of King Henri
Christophe, who was born a slave but rose to become the first black king in
the Western Hemisphere. In this unnerving novel from one of Cuba’s most
celebrated authors, Henri Christophe’s oppressive rule is observed through
the eyes of the elderly slave Ti Noël, who suffers abuse from masters both
white and black. As he ranges across the country searching for true
liberation, Ti Noël navigates bloody revolutions, maniacal rulers with
false visions of grandeur, and the mysterious power of voodoo magic. First
published in English translation in 1957, The Kingdom of This World is now
widely recognized as a masterpiece of Cuban and Caribbean literature. Pablo
Medina’s remarkable new translation renders the dreamlike prose of Alejo
Carpentier with nuance and felicity while delivering anew a powerful novel
about the birth of modern Haiti. Visionary and singularly twisted, The
Kingdom of This World emerges from the depths of the struggle for a country
into a tale of race, erotomania, magic, and madness.

Alejo Carpentier—The Kingdom Of This World - A Novel

  • 9780374537388