New Paperback Edition Of The Most Original And Captivating, Award-Nominated
Memoir Of The Year. Stuart, A Life Backwards, Is The Story Of A Remarkable
Friendship Between A Reclusive Writer And Illustrator ( A Middle Class Scum
Ponce, If You Want To Be Honest About It, Alexander) And A Chaotic, Knife-
Wielding Beggar Whom He Gets To Know During A Campaign To Release Two
Charity Workers From Prison. Interwoven Into This Is Stuart S Confession:
The Story Of His Life, Told Backwards. With Humour, Compassion (And
Exasperation) Masters Slowly Works Back Through Post-Office Heists, Prison
Riots And The Exact Day Stuart Discovered Violence, To Unfold The Reasons
Why He Changed From A Happy-Go-Lucky Little Boy Into A Polydrug-Addicted-
Alcoholic Jekyll And Hyde Personality, With A Fondness For What He Called
Little Strips Of Silver (Knives To You And Me). Funny, Despairing,
Brilliantly Written And Full Of Surprises: This Is The Most Original And
Moving Biography Of Recent Years.

Alexander Masters—Stuart - A Life Backwards

  • 9780007200375