A wry, tender portrait of a young woman--finally free to decide her own
path, but unsure if she knows herself well enough to choose wisely--from a
captivating new literary voice The plan is to leave. As for how, when, to
where, and even why--she doesn't know yet. So begins a journey for the
twenty-four-year-old narrator of Days of Distraction. As a staff writer at
a prestigious tech publication, she reports on the achievements of smug
Silicon Valley billionaires and start-up bros while her own request for a
raise gets bumped from manager to manager. And when her longtime boyfriend,
J, decides to move to a quiet upstate New York town for grad school, she
sees an excuse to cut and run. Moving is supposed to be a grand gesture of
her commitment to J and a way to reshape her sense of self. But in the
process, she finds herself facing misgivings about her role in an
interracial relationship. Captivated by the stories of her ancestors and
other Asian Americans in history, she must confront a question at the core
of her identity: What does it mean to exist in a society that does not
notice or understand you? Equal parts tender and humorous, and told in
spare but powerful prose, Days of Distraction is an offbeat coming-of-
adulthood tale, a touching family story, and a razor-sharp appraisal of our

Alexandra Chang—Days Of Distraction - A Novel

  • 9780062951809