From the No. 1 bestselling author of The American Boy comes a brilliant new
historical thriller set during the French Revolution.Paris, 1792. Terror
reigns as the city writhes in the grip of revolution. The streets run with
blood as thousands lose their heads to the guillotine. Edward Savill,
working in London as agent for a wealthy American, receives word that his
estranged wife Augusta has been killed in France. She leaves behind ten-
year-old Charles, who is brought to England to Charnwood Court, a house in
the country leased by a group of emigre refugees. Savill is sent to
retrieve the boy, though it proves easier to reach Charnwood than to leave.
And only when Savill arrives there does he discover that Charles is mute.
The boy has witnessed horrors beyond his years, but what terrible secret
haunts him so deeply that he is unable to utter a word?

Andrew Taylor—The Silent Boy

  • 9780007506583