Physics World Book of the Year 2017Are women more nurturing than men?Are
men more promiscuous than women?Are males the naturally dominant sex?And
can science give us an impartial answer to these questions?Taking us on an
eye-opening journey through science, Inferior challenges our preconceptions
about men and women, investigating the ferocious gender wars that burn in
biology, psychology and anthropology. Angela Saini revisits the landmark
experiments that have informed our understanding, lays bare the problem of
bias in research, and speaks to the scientists finally exploring the truth
about the female sex.The result is an enlightening and deeply empowering
account of women's minds, bodies and evolutionary history. Interrogating
what these revelations mean for us as individuals and as a society,
Inferior unveils a fresh view of science in which women are included,
rather than excluded.

Angela Saini—Inferior - The True Power Of Women And The Science That Shows It

  • 9780008172039