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female friendships here are ones we'll all recognize, and in seeing myself
in each of these women - their good moments and their bad - I felt
implicated in their stories, and in this book. It's an outstanding
novel.-- Mary Beth Keane, New York Times bestselling author of Ask Again,
Yes In this sharply observed novel set in and around London, three college
friends, now in their thirties, must come to terms with the gap between the
lives they imagined for themselves and reality in the face of marriage,
fertility struggles, and loss. In her first year of motherhood after an
unplanned pregnancy, Cate is constantly exhausted, spiraling into self-
doubt and postpartum anxiety. Her husband Sam seems oblivious, but maybe
she'd prefer he remain in the dark. How can she admit the unthinkable--that
she misses her freedom? In contrast, Hannah continues to endure round after
round of unsuccessful IVF treatments. The process is taking its toll on her
physically and emotionally--and, she worries, creating distance between her
and her husband Nathan. She is godmother to Cate's son, but every time they
get together, it's a trigger. Beautiful and unattached, Lissa is re-
evaluating what it means to be an actress in her thirties. While she
fiercely resists convention, she's also lonely. A chance encounter in the
British Library with Nathan has her wondering if she missed her best chance
at love when she introduced him to Hannah. As each woman longs for what the
others seemingly possess, will their bonds of friendship sustain them in
this liminal phase of their lives--or will their envy and desire tear them

Anna Hope—Expectation - A Novel

  • 9780062956071