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'Glorious on so many levels' A J Pearce, author of Dear Mrs Bird 'Full of
hope and charm' Libby Page, author of The Lido 'A hymn to friendship, to
getting back up and finding happiness where none seemed possible' Katie
Fforde 'An indulgently emotional and beautifully written story about new
starts' Daily Mail Grace, Nadia and Mr Williams see each other at work
every day. But it will take a crisis for them to finally reveal the truth
about themselves. Grace is 40 and in love with David. Her life is about to
fall apart in the most shocking of ways. Nadia is 17 and furious. She knows
that love will only let her down: if she is going to succeed it will be on
her own terms. Maurice Williams is 86. He has discovered a lot about love
in his long life, and even more about people. And yet he keeps secrets.
Sometimes you have to hit the bottom in order to find a way back. And
sometimes you need a friend, or two, by your side when you triumph.
'Brilliantly and movingly written' Dorothy Koomson 'An impressively
powerful debut' Claire Frost, Fabulous Magazine 'As elegant and uplifting
as a classical sonata, with added kick from its unforgettably quirky
characters. I was both engrossed in and moved by this fabulous debut'
Catherine Isaac, author of R&J Book Club pick You Me Everything 'A moving,
beautifully written, uplifting debut about mending broken hearts through
friendship. The twists and turns make it impossible to put down' Sarah J.
Harris 'What a total joy!' Fanny Blake 'This book was so different from
anything I've read before... it was beautiful, uplifting and really taught
me a thing or two about the world of stringed instruments... The characters
are diverse, the setting beautiful and the subject matter unique' Fabulous
Book Fiend 'An absolutely beautiful read' Heidi Swain 'I adored this book!
Exquisitely crafted, it's a compassionate, heart-wrenching and ultimately
uplifting tale of Grace and David's complicated love that will keep you
turning the pages. Read it. Like some of Grace's decisions, it's an
absolute triumph' Fionnuala Kearney

Anstey Harris—The Truths And Triumphs Of Grace Atherton

  • 9781471173820
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