For the last two centuries, nationalism has been a central feature of
society and politics. Few ideologies can match its power and resonance and
no other symbolic language has such worldwide appeal and resilience.
However, nationalism is more than an ideological movement - it is also a
form of public culture which draws on much older cultural and symbolic
forms. This book provides a concise, accessible introduction to the concept
of nationalism. It focuses on competing paradigms and theories of nations
and nationalism, and analyses the subject in terms of ideology, theory and
history. The approach is broadly comparative and interdisciplinary, with
concrete examples and a time-scale stretching from the ancient world to the
contemporary global age. The book concludes with an assessment of the
prospects of nationalism and of the transcendence of nations and nation
states. Anthony Smith's book will appeal to all those interested in this
dynamic subject, including students and scholars of anthropology,
sociology, history, politics and international relations.

Anthony D. Smith—Nationalism - Theory, Idealogy, History

  • 9780745626598