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At once a searing indictment of a racist, patriarchal society and a manual
for claiming an intersectional identity, Sister Outsider is a comprehensive
collection of the lauded poet and writer Audre Lorde's most famous and
influential works of nonfiction prose. Sister Outsider depicts the idea of
difference--whether through race, gender, or sexuality--as a powerful
tool for empowerment that can be used as a catalyst for change. Throughout
the fifteen essays and speeches that comprise the volume, Lorde asserts
that because she is a black, queer woman, she is considered an outsider,
but that it is precisely her outsider perspective that allows her to see
the various layers of identity-based oppression. A pioneer of
intersectional feminism, Sister Outsider encourages the reader to embrace
their difference and weaponize it for change, a once-radical 20th-century
idea that has become a full-blown movement today. Penguin Classics launches
a new hardcover series with five American classics that are relevant and
timeless in their power, and part of a dynamic and diverse landscape of
classic fiction and nonfiction from almost seventy-five years of classics
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intellectual engagement, and creative originality--

Audre Lorde—Sister Outsider - Essays And Speeches

  • 9780143134442
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