Capturing a ninteenth-century Spanish world of political tumult and
personal obsession, Benito Pérez Galdós's Fortunata and Jacinta tells of
two women who love the same man unfailingly - one as his mistress, the
other as his wife. Agnes Moncy Gullón presents the detailed realism, the
diversity of character and scene that have placed Fortunata and Jacinta
alongside the voluminous works of Charles Dickens and Honoré de Balzac.
Galdós's Madrid, recast from his youthful wanderings through the city's
slums and cafés, includes the egg sellers and faded bullfighters
surrounding Fortunata as well as the quieter, sequestered milieu of
Jacinta's upbringing. Through Juanito, the lover of both women, the writer
reveals Spain as a variegated fabric of delicate traditions and established
vices, of shaky politics and rich intrigue. In this vast and colorful
world, resonant of Dickens's London and Balzac's France, Galdós presents
his characters with a depth, ambiguity, and humor born of the multiplicity
of his scene.

Benito Pérez Galdós—Fortunata And Jacinta: Two Stories Of Married Women

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