In the spirit of Bill Bryson and Ian Frazier comes this fascinating
examination of our past, present, and future beneath the waves. In an age
of unprecedented exploration and innovation, our oceans remain largely
unknown, and endlessly fascinating: full of mystery, danger, beauty, and
inspiration. Bill Streever-a longtime deep-sea diver himself-has
masterfully woven together the science and history of Earth's last
remaining frontier: the sea. In Oceans Deep celebrates the daring pioneers
who tested the limits of what the human body can endure under water: free
divers able to reach 300 feet on a single breath; engineers and scientists
who uncovered the secrets of decompression; teenagers who built their own
diving gear from discarded boilers and garden hoses in the 1930s;
saturation divers who lived under water for weeks at a time in the 1960s;
and the trailblazing men who voluntarily breathed experimental gases at
pressures sufficient to trigger insanity. Tracing both the little-known
history and exciting future of how we travel and study the depths,
Streever's captivating journey includes seventeenth-century leather-hulled
submarines, their nuclear-powered descendants, a workshop where luxury
submersibles are built for billionaire clients, and robots capable of
roving unsupervised between continents, revolutionizing access to the
ocean. In this far-flung trip to the wild, night-dark place of shipwrecks,
trapped submariners, oil wells, innovative technologies, and people willing
to risk their lives while challenging the deep, we discover all the
adventures our seas have to offer-and why they are in such dire need of

Bill Streever—In Oceans Deep - Courage, Innovation, And Adventure Beneath The W

  • 9780316551342