Winner of the Polish Cultural Institute 2019 Found in Translation Award
Collected Stories is an authoritative new translation of the complete
fiction of Bruno Schulz, whose work has influenced writers as various as
Salman Rushdie, Cynthia Ozick, Jonathan Safran Foer, Philip Roth, Danilo
Kiš, and Roberto Bolaño. Schulz’s prose is renowned for its originality.
Set largely in a fictional counterpart of his hometown of Drohobych, his
stories merge the real and the surreal. The most ordinary objects—the wind,
an article of clothing, a plate of fish—can suddenly appear unfathomably
mysterious and capable of illuminating profound truths. As Father, one of
his most intriguing characters, declaims: “Matter has been granted infinite
fecundity, an inexhaustible vital force, and at the same time, a seductive
power of temptation that entices us to create forms.” This comprehensive
volume brings together all of Schulz's published stories—Cinnamon Shops,
his most famous collection (sometimes titled The Street of Crocodiles in
English), The Sanatorium under the Hourglass, and an additional four
stories that he did not include in either of his collections. Madeline G.
Levine’s masterful new translation shows contemporary readers how Schulz,
often compared to Proust and Kafka, reveals the workings of memory and

Bruno Schulz—Collected Stories

  • 9780810136601