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All children are born wired to learn and to love. As young children explore
the world and interact with others, their brains naturally develop at an
incredible rate. And yet, in spite of our best intentions, parents and
educators often fail to structure homes or schools in ways that fully
encourage natural learning and empathy. The Natural Laws of Childrendraws
on current research in neuroscience and in education to offer clear
principles on how children learn and practical advice on how parents and
teachers can best support learning. This powerful book offers simple advice
to enhance learning for all children, regardless of income or access to
resources. A bestseller in its native France, The Natural Laws of
Childrentells the story of Celine Alvarez's pioneering work in early
childhood education. Over three years in a low-income school, Alvarez's
students achieved exceptional results in math and reading, as well as
outstanding social skills. The Natural Laws of Childrenexplains the
scientific principles behind learning and social development, shares simple
ways to help children develop their potential, and offers guidance to
parents and educators.

Céline Alvarez—The Natural Laws Of Children - Why Children Thrive When We Under

  • 9781611806731
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