One of the most inspiring and counter-intuitive thinkers of our age, the
bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, transforms the way we
think about the world with his reflections on science, history and humanity
In this collection of writings, the logbook of an intelligence always on
the move, Carlo Rovelli follows his curiosity and invites us on a voyage
through science, history, philosophy and politics. Written with his usual
clarity and wit, these pieces range widely across time and space: from
Newton's alchemy to Einstein's mistakes, from Nabokov's butterflies to
Dante's cosmology, from travels in Africa to the consciousness of an
octopus, from mind-altering psychedelic substances to the meaning of
atheism. Charming, pithy and elegant, this book is the perfect gateway to
the universe of one of the most influential scientists of our age.

Carlo Rovelli—There Are Places In The World Where Rules Are Less Important Than

  • 9780241454688