Charles Dickens's first historical novel set during the anti-Catholic
riots of 1780 is an unparalleled portrayal of the terror of a rampaging
mob, seen through the eyes of the individuals swept up in the chaos. Those
individuals include Emma, a Catholic, and Edward, a Protestant, whose
forbidden love weaves through the heart of the story; and the simpleminded
Barnaby, one of the riot leaders, whose fate is tied to a mysterious murder
and whose beloved pet raven, Grip, embodies the mystical power of
innocence. The story encompasses both the rarified aristocratic world and
the volatile streets and nightmarish underbelly of London, which Dickens
characteristically portrays in vivid, pulsating detail. But the real focus
of the book is on the riots themselves, depicted with an extraordinary
energy and redolent of the dangers, the mindlessness, and the possibilities
both beneficial and brutal of the mob.--Publisher description.

Charles Dickens—Barnaby Rudge

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