The award-winning photographer and founder of CreativeLive shares how
anyone—from a novice to a pro—can establish a creative practice and unleash
that power for greater health, happiness, and positive impact on career,
hobby, and life. When Chase Jarvis turned his back on traditional careers
to become a photographer, it was far from certain he’d make a living, let
alone unlock a dream life that’s influenced millions of people around the
world. Following his creative calling brought him happiness, health, and
wealth—but it also awakened a passion to start CreativeLive, the world’s
largest online learning platform for creators and entrepreneurs, where
aspiring novices to established pros alike have consumed billions of
minutes of video learning in pursuit of their dreams in career, hobby, and
life. In Creative Calling, Jarvis shows why creativity is the new
mindfulness and as important to our health as meditation, exercise, and
nutrition. It’s also available to everyone—beginners and lifelong creators,
entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Distilling his wisdom into the
memorable “IDEA” system, Jarvis illustrates the critical elements for
making creative expression the path to fulfillment. Imagine the
possibilities and clarify your intentions. Design a daily practice and a
life that supports expression and transformation. Execute on your most
ambitious plans and make your vision real. Amplify your impact through
engaging your community and building an audience. We live in a time when
disillusioned Millennials shun traditional jobs, mid-career professionals
arrive at a turning point without knowing where to turn, and late-career
professionals search for more meaningful pursuits. Each group faces
unprecedented technological, economic, and environmental challenges. Thus,
discovering our own creative calling has become the world’s most
valuable—and urgent—task. And the good news, as Jarvis says, is that
creativity isn’t a skill—it’s a habit. It’s a force inside every person
that wants to be set free and—if harnessed and put to work—can transform
our lives and bring vitality to everything we do.

Chase Jarvis—Creative Calling - Establish A Daily Practice, Infuse Your World W

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