Ms. Gilbert's couplets read beautifully, encompassing Chrétien's range of
tone—from wit to elevation of sentiment—very sensitively.—Charles
Muscatine, author of Chaucer and the French Tradition A wonderfully
accurate and witty translation of Chrétien's Erec and Enide which
brilliantly renders the rhymed octosyllabics of the original text in
compelling, colloquial English. . . . A treat not just for students and
scholars of Old French literature but, more important, for what we now call
general readers—that is, all those who relish a rollicking, well-told
tale.—Sandra M. Gilbert, editor of The Norton Anthology of Literature by
Women Older translations, generally in stupefying Maloryan prose, convey
little of the sense of the poetry so obvious in the original, and admirably
reproduced in this translation.—Robert Harrison, translator of Gallic
Salt: Eighteen Fabliaux One of the best English verse renderings of any
poem by Chrétien.—William J. Kibler, author of An Introduction to Old
French A union of scholarship and consummate art that affected me like the
great stories I read in my formative years; a permanent vicarious
experience.—Ruth Stone, poet, author of Second-Hand Coat This will be a
standard English translation of Erec and Enide and a definitive one.—Roger
J. Steiner, editor of The New College French and English Dictionary

Chrétien (de Troyes)—Erec And Enide

  • 9780520073463