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Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest
Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented
prosperity due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge and, with human
science advancing and the Trisolarans adopting Earth culture, it seems that
the two civilizations can co-exist peacefully as equals without the
terrible threat of mutually assured annihilation. But peace has made
humanity complacent. Cheng Xin, an aerospace engineer from the 21st
century, awakens from hibernation in this new age. She brings knowledge of
a long-forgotten program dating from the start of the Trisolar Crisis, and
her presence may upset the delicate balance between two worlds. Will
humanity reach for the stars or die in its cradle? 'Cixin Liu is the author
of your next favourite sci-fi novel' Wired. 'A milestone in Chinese science
fiction' New York Times.

Cixin Liu—Death's End

  • 9781788543026
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