Acclaimed as the greatest comic actress of her day, Dora Jordan played a
quite different role off-stage as lover to the future king, William IV,
third son of George III. In fact, Dora bore no less than ten children and
the couple lived happily in a villa on the Thames until William bowed to
pressure and abandoned her. Making full use of Dora's letters to William,
Claire Tomalin vividly re-creates the royal, political and theatrical
worlds of late eighteenth-century England. The story of how Dora moved
between stage and home, of how she battled for her family and her career
makes a classic tale of royal perfidy and womanly courage. �Intelligent,
finely made and wonderfully readable. As gripping as the best fiction.� Jan
Dalley, Independent on Sunday.

Claire Tomalin—Mrs Jordan's Profession - The Story Of A Great Actress And A Fut

  • 9780140159233