From the popular host of The Astral Hustle, an accessible guide to hacking
your mind--and life--to feel more fully present and alive, even if you're
not the the meditating type. Through his popular podcast The Astral
Hustle and online meditation course Release into Now, Cory Allen has helped
thousands of people better cope with the stress of daily life through
meditation, mindfulness, and mental clarity. With concise advice and
profound simplicity, he manages to cut through the jargon and speak to
people where they are, giving them the tools to live in the wow of now.
In this accessible and supportive guide, Allen walks readers through the
basics of mindfulness--not as something you should do, but as a tool to
achieve greater peace of mind, dial down anxiety and stress, and truly feel
like yourself. Informed by a lifelong personal journey, as well as insights
gathered through podcast interviews with leaders in mindfulness,
neuroscience, and philosophy, Now Is the Way is a simple user's manual for
living the life you want, one present moment at a time.

Cory Allen—Now Is The Way - An Unconventional Approach To Modern Mindfulness

  • 9780525538042