The philosophy of Epicurus (c. 341-271 B. C. E.), has been a quietly
pervasive influence for more than two millennia. At present, when many long
revered ideologies are proven empty, Epicureanism is powerfully and
refreshingly relevant, offering a straightforward way of dealing with the
issues of life and death. The chapters in this book provide a kaleidoscope
of contemporary opinions about Epicurus' teachings. They tell us also about
the archeological discoveries that promise to augment the scant remains we
have of Epicurus's own writing. the breadth of this new work will be
welcomed by those who value Epicurean philosophy as a scholarly and
personal resource for contemporary life. "Epicurus: His Continuing
Influence and Contemporary Relevance," is the title of a 2002 conference on
Epicurus held at Rochester Institute of Technology, when many of the ideas
here were first presented.

Dane R. Gordon, David B. Suits—Epicurus - His Continuing Influence and Contempo

  • 9780971345966