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Daniel Coyle spent three years researching the question of what makes a
successful group tick, visiting some of the world's most productive groups
--including Pixar, Navy SEALs, Zappos, IDEO, and the San Antonio Spurs.
Coyle discovered that high-performing groups relentlessly generate three
key messages that enable them to excel: 1) Safety - we are connected. 2)
Shared Risk - we are vulnerable together. 3) Purpose - we are part of the
same story. Filled with first-hand reporting, fascinating science,
compelling real-world stories, and leadership tools that can apply to
businesses, schools, sports, families, and any kind of group, The Culture
Code will revolutionize how you think about creating and sustaining
successful groups.--

Daniel Coyle—The Culture Code - The Secrets Of Highly Successful Groups

  • 9781847941275
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