Isabelle McAvoy (58), private art consultant in New York City. The first
half of the book focuses on her past, having three daughters with three
different men and following her through each of those relationships. Her
first love was a reclusive American living in France, much older than her,
who was always a part of their daughter's life, though they never married.
Her second husband went to prison for fraud when Isabelle was pregnant with
her second daughter. And her third husband, her true love, drowned
tragically a few months after their wedding. When the narrative switches
back to present-day, Isabelle learns that she's losing her sight and hires
an assistant. She bonds with each of her daughters, one in India, one in
New York, and one in Tuscany, and falls in love with her assistant, Jack.
She also reconnects with the son she gave up for adoption when she was 15
and her family grows stronger than ever.

Danielle Steel—Blessing In Disguise - A Novel

  • 9780399179327