Do lobsters feel pain? Did Franz Kafka have a sick sense of humour? What is
John Updike's deal anyway? And who won the Adult Video News' Female
Performer of the Year Award the same year Gwyneth Paltrow won her Oscar?
David Foster Wallace answers these questions and more in his new book of
hilarious non-fiction. For this collection, David Foster Wallace immerses
himself in the three-ring circus that is the presidential race in order to
document one of the most vicious campaigns in recent history. Later he
strolls from booth to booth at a lobster festival in Maine and risks life
and limb to get to the bottom of the lobster question. Then he wheedles his
way into an L.A. radio studio, armed with tubs of chicken, to get the
behind-the-scenes view of a conservative talkshow featuring a host with an
unnatural penchant for clothing that only looks good on the radio. In what
is sure to be a much-talked-about exploration of distinctly modern
subjects, one of the sharpest minds of our time delves into some of life's
most delicious topics.

David Foster Wallace—Consider The Lobster - And Other Essays

  • 9780349119526