Donald A. Norman, a popular design consultant to car manufacturers,
computer companies, and other industrial and design outfits, has seen the
future and is worried. In this long-awaited follow-up to The Design of
Everyday Things, he points out what's going wrong with the wave of products
just coming on the market and some that are on drawing boards everywhere-
from “smart” cars and homes that seek to anticipate a user's every need, to
the latest automatic navigational systems. Norman builds on this critique
to offer a consumer-oriented theory of natural human-machine interaction
that can be put into practice by the engineers and industrial designers of
tomorrow's thinking machines. This is a consumer-oriented look at the
perils and promise of the smart objects of the future, and a cautionary
tale for designers of these objects-many of which are already in use or

Don Norman—The Design Of Future Things - Author Of The Design Of Everyday Thing

  • 9780465002276