Across eighteen short stories, Lessing dissects London and its inhabitants
with the power for truth and compassion to be expected of the Nobel Prize
for Literature 2007. 'During that first year in England, I had a vision of
London I cannot recall now ... it was a nightmare city that I lived in for
a year. Then, one evening, walking across the park, the light welded
buildings, trees and scarlet buses into something familiar and beautiful,
and I knew myself to be at home.' Lessing's vision of London - a place of
nightmares and wonder - underpins this brilliantly multifaceted collection
of stories about the city, seen from a cafe table, a hospital bed, the back
seat of a taxi, a hospital casualty department; seen, as always,
unflinchingly, and compellingly depicted.

Doris Lessing—London Observed - Stories And Sketches

  • 9780586092262