A powerful and unforgettable story of secrets, family, love, and destiny
set against the backdrop of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Following on
the heels of the critically acclaimed Ten Thousand Lovers (finalist for the
Governor General's Literary Award) and Look for Me, A Wall of Light tells
the story of three generations of a Tel Aviv family. Meet Anna, whose
passionate letters to a lover she left behind in Russia describe the
experiences of Israel's postwar immigrants; her grandson, Noah, who in his
diary documents his uncertain sexual identity and his idealism in the face
of the tense political climate; and finally, Anna's daughter, Sonya, who
takes us through one momentous day in August, a day on which she kissed a
student, pursued a lover, found her father, and left her brother.

Edeet Ravel—A Wall Of Light

  • 9780060761479