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The Amazing Adventures of Freddie Whitemouse is the charming first
children's book from critically acclaimed author, Elizabeth Jane
Howard.From the much-loved author of the Cazalet Chronicles comes Elizabeth
Jane Howard's first children's book, The Amazing Adventures of Freddie
Whitemouse , following the magical journey of a mouse who wishes to be
anything but himself. The trouble was that Freddie really did not like
being a mouse. 'It's just a phase,' his mother said, but it wasn't . . .
Little Freddie Whitemouse, of No.16, Skirting Board West, simply hates
being a mouse. Mice are terribly small, frightened of everything, and
aren't allowed to have any fun at all. Instead, he longs to be a fierce
tiger, king of the jungle floor; or someone's treasured dog, able to run
and play all day. So when a sorcerer toad hears Freddie's pleas and offers
his assistance, there is really little else Freddie could ask for. So as
not to make any rash decisions, Freddie agrees to spend a week as each
animal. But what will he discover on his amazing adventure? And will he
ever want to be just a plain old mouse again?

Elizabeth Jane Howard—The Amazing Adventures Of Freddie Whitemouse

  • 9781447293453
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