Divided into three parts, Islands in the Stream is Hemingway's last work,
originally published posthumously in 1970, nine years after his death.
Thomas Hudson is an artist and adventurer. In the 1930s, Hudson is living
in the Bimini Islands in the Gulf Stream. Separated from his sons for most
of the year by their controlling mother, Hudson lives a life carved out by
the rolling waves of the sea and the currents of the tide. When his sons
come to visit the island, Hudson is forced to come to terms with his
unfamiliar role as a father. This compelling novel follows Hudson's
evolution from contemplative artist to antisubmarine adventurer during
WWII. Hudson must face the harsh realities of life and death, alongside a
cast of colourful and vivid characters, in war-time Cuba and at sea.
Drawing on Hemingway's own experiences, Islands in the Stream combines one
of his most complex and troubled characters with his most exquisite
descriptions of nature, in a novel rich in both reflection and action.

Ernest Hemingway—Islands In The Stream

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