An early gem of satire and humor from the greatest American writer of the
twentieth century. First published in 1926, The Torrents of Spring is a
hilarious parody of the Chicago school of literature. Poking fun at that
great race of writers, it depicts a vogue that Hemingway himself refused
to follow. In style and substance, The Torrents of Spring is a burlesque of
Sherwood Anderson's Dark Laughter, but in the course of the narrative,
other literary tendencies associated with American and British writers akin
to Anderson—such as D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and John Dos Passos—come
in for satirical comment. A highly entertaining story, The Torrents of
Spring offers a rare glimpse into Hemingway's early career as a storyteller
and stylist.

Ernest Hemingway—The Torrents Of Spring

  • 9780684839073