His prose is of first distinction, declared critic Edmund Wilson of
Hemingway upon the 1923 publication of Three Stories and Ten Poems, the
author's first foray into the literary world. These short stories (Up in
Michigan, Out of Season, and My Old Man) and their accompanying poems
captured the attention of other influential critics as well, anticipating
the future Nobel Laureate's emergence as a prominent voice of the Modernist
movement. Succinct and lucid in his prose style, American novelist and
short story writer Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961) exercised an enormous
influence over English-language authors of the twentieth century. A member
of the expatriate Lost Generation circle, Hemingway cultivated a larger-
than-life image of vigorous masculinity complemented by an intense
sensitivity. He drew upon his adventures as a big-game hunter, bullfighter,
and fisherman for his fiction as well as his service as a World War I
ambulance driver and a reporter during the Spanish Civil War and World War

Ernest Hemingway—Three Stories And Ten Poems

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