One of the greatest playwrights of Ancient Greece, the works of Euripides
(484�406 BC) were revolutionary in their depiction of tragic events caused
by flawed humanity, and in their use of the gods as symbols of human
nature. The three plays in this collection show his abilities as the
sceptical questioner of his age. Alcestis, an early drama, tells the tale
of a queen who offers her own life in exchange for that of her husband;
cast as a tragedy, it contains passages of satire and comedy. The
tragicomedy Iphigenia in Tauris melodramatically reunites the ill-fated
children of Agamemnon, while the pure tragedy of Hippolytus shows the fatal
impact of Phaedra�s unreasoning passion for her chaste stepson. All three
plays explore a deep gulf that separates man from woman, and all depict a
world dominated by amoral forces beyond human control.

Euripides, Philip Vellacott—Three Plays

  • 9780140440317