Selected from the pages of Le Monde, the interviews conducted by Florence
Noiville are unequaled in literary journalism. In Literary Miniatures,
Noiville captures the words and views of some of the best known writers of
the twentieth century, engaging luminaries like Saul Bellow, Nadine
Gordimer, Aharon Appelfeld, and A. S. Byatt in revealing dialogue. In this
collection, Noiville converses with Don DeLillo, reasons with Adolfo Bioy
Casares, passes the time with Milan Kundera, and gently interrogates John
Le Carré. Fluent in many languages, Noiville conducted a number of these
interviews in the subject's native language, engaging these extraordinary
writers on their own terms. Inimitably intimate, the interviews are a
window through which readers can come to know the writers behind some of
the greatest works of literature of the last one hundred years. Sure to
delight lovers of literature and biography, this book is the perfect
expression of the art of the interview and a priceless artifact for
enthusiasts and scholars alike.

Florence Noiville—Literary Miniatures

  • 9780857421067