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A fascinating look at rescue dogs--where they come from, why every dog
lover should consider adopting one, and how to make them part of your
family. America's leading undercover animal investigator, Pete Paxton, has,
among other exploits, infiltrated more than seven hundred puppy mills,
worked undercover to close one of the largest and most infamous puppy mills
in the United States, and shuttered the most notorious trafficker of dogs
for experimentation in history. In this book, he shares stories of the
amazing dogs he has rescued and brought to loving families, and also offers
invaluable guidance and wisdom for anyone living with rescue dogs. Far too
many people think rescue dogs have irredeemable anxieties, behavior issues,
or other problems. In truth, rescue dogs can--and do--become wonderful
companions. This groundbreaking book will help readers understand these
dogs' unique ways of thinking, learning, and loving, and leaves no
questions unanswered about the plight of dogs commercially bred in the
United States--and what every dog lover can do about it.

Gene Stone, Pete Paxton—Rescue Dogs - Where They Come From, Why They Act The Wa

  • 9780525540359
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