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In the dawning age of brilliant machines, what will people do better than
computers? It's easy to imagine a frightening future in which technology
takes over the jobs that we now get paid to do, working more accurately and
for barely any cost. Computers can already perform surgery, drive vehicles,
write articles and do intricate legal work, so what hope will there be for
tomorrow's workforce? Drawing on a wealth of research, Geoff Colvin
uncovers the skills that will be in great demand as technology advances -
and how they can be developed. In this new machine age, we shouldn't try to
beat computers at what they can do. We'll lose that contest. Instead we
must look to unlikely places, learn from the best, and cultivate the human
abilities that make us unique.

Geoff Colvin—Humans Are Underrated

  • 9781857886603
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