In a sleepy fishing village in 1930s Barbados, nine-year-old G. leads a
life of quiet mischief. While the village lies tranquil in the shadow of
its English landlord, Mr Creighton, and his towering house on the hill, G.
makes his own fun, crab catching, teasing preachers, and playing among the
pumpkin vines. Yet from this world of boyish pursuits, the precocious G.
finds himself slowly awakening to strange goings-on in adult society. All
around him, sudden bursts of violence - a devastating flood on the morning
of his birthday; the headmaster unduly flogging his schoolmates on Empire
day - hint at a brutality and destruction lurking beneath the apparently
peaceful order of things. As the mounting wrongs of the present drive the
villagers to rise up against Mr Creighton, the fissures in the fa�ade of
his Barbadian 'little England' begin to crack open, laying bare the
central, bruising secret at the heart of their shared past. And as the
world he knows crumbles before his eyes, G. is spurred ever closer to a
life-changing decision. Poetic, unsettling, this classic coming-of-age
novel is a story of tragic innocence, as a poor village boy comes to
consciousness amid the collapse of colonial rule in mid-century Barbados.

George Lamming—In The Castle Of My Skin

  • 9780241296066