'A problem of space first of all, then a problem of order' One of the most
singular and extravagant imaginations of the twentieth century, the
novelist and essayist Georges Perec was a true original who delighted in
wordplay, puzzles, taxonomies and seeing the extraordinary in the everyday.
In these virtuoso writings about books and language, he discusses different
ways of reading, a list of the things he really must do before he dies and
the power of words to overcome the chaos of the world. One of twenty new
books in the bestselling Penguin Great Ideas series. This new selection
showcases a diverse list of thinkers who have helped shape our world today,
from anarchists to stoics, feminists to prophets, satirists to Zen

Georges Perec—Brief Notes On The Art And Manner Of Arranging One's Books

  • 9780241475218